My life as an architecture student

I am Ma. Ruby A. Vitug you can call me YNA
18 years old
I'm studying at the University of Santo Tomas, taking BS architecture.

This blog/personal blog will be like my diary/journal. My experiences and architecture plates will be posted in this blog.

Imma start blogging here on June 15, 2010. :D

thank you!

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Don’t know where to start.

Our Major plate is about town houses.  :|

I really dunno what to do first.

Research: Town House

Major plate namin ngayon ay gagawa kami ng town house. :))

Goodluck na alng sa akin. :(

I still don’t have anything to post here for now.

because we don’t have any plates to do.

mymindisnotworkingrightnow said: Hey schoolmate/college-mate :) Are you a freshman?

nopity nope.. second year na ako..

ikaw ba?

First Day of School Year 2010-2011. :D

6:00am - gising

6:45am   onwards

           - bangon

           - ligo

           - bihis

           - kaen

           - ayos

8:00am - alis

9:00am - school na:))

9:00am-12:00pm - tambay

12:00pm- 1:00 -kaen

1:00 onwards… tambay…

and nangulit sa mga first year sa dati naming section 1AR2.

ang lungkot feeling ko ang deadkid ng mga andun..PSH.

4:00pm -mall.

7:00pm - uwi naa…

8:00pm - TUMBLR..

seriously my first day of class was boring..

walang prof.. and for sure walang prof buong 1st week..

nakakapagod ngayong araw..HAII…

I need to rest.NAO!